Sunday, November 15, 2009

Project Runway is in full effect at Abby's TuTu Factory!

It was a gloomy and rainy day at Abby's TuTu Factory and I was working away trying to get all my projects done for the week. The kids were in the other room playing away and starting to get a little rowdy. Needless to say they were driving me nuts being a couped up in the house.  So I decided to put them to work so I can get my work done. I brought Luke and Abby into my sewing room, gave them a huge box of scraps of fabric, tulle and ribbon, and sat them down in front of my mannequins. Before I knew it they were working away pinning fabric pieces on the mannequins. They did this for hours trying figure out what fabric should go where and pinning layer after layer. You could see the tiny spinning wheels spinning away through their little eyes. I was in awe at how quiet and tediously they worked. So what does a mother do to document a moment in history that may never happen again in her lifetime. Yep I brought out the camera! I may never see my two children getting along so well and working so hard at something ever again. Plus I knew I could use the photos later on in life to embarass my son and show them to all his girlfriends. OHHH I am such an awful mommy. So now I am sharing this history making moment with you and hoping you get a kick out of my photos, just like I did. I just love creative play, it is such a wonderful thing to introduce into your child's life. Here are Luke and Abby with their wonderful creative designs LOL.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Christmas TuTus and TuTu dresses by Abby's TuTu Factory

Christmas TuTu Dress Collection 2009 
Features some the most elegant tutus for christmas. Wear these gorgeous tutus for those special memorable christmas portraits, the many christmas parties you will attend or give as a gift christmas morning to that special princess in your life. These tutus are super full and luxurious made with hundreds of yards of tulle and the most adorable christmas fabrics around. You can choose from a Snowflake princess, Candycane sweetheart or glamourous glimmering golden gal.
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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Trick or Treating

I love this time of year. The leaves are falling, the weather is cool, and there are so many pumpkin recipes to eat, I just might turn into a pumpkin myself. I think Halloween has to be the best and most fun holiday ever. I love all the spooky decorating in the house and making a haunted graveyard in the front yard. You get to dress up to be whatever you want and go door to door to recieve a bucket full of candy. There is absolutley no stress involved in this holiday, just the best parties. Even though this year I didnt attend any parties, I enjoyed watching my two children light up everytime a piece of candy dropped into their orange pumpkin buckets. Going from door to door they did not tire once, they just kept truckin on to the next house til their buckets were completely full. The minute we got home and walked through the door, the pumpkins were dumped out on the floor for my two kids to examine what they had recieved from all the houses. It was great to watch their faces as they picked up each individual piece of candy and asked "What is this?"  What could be better than a magical day of pretend and a load of candy!