Monday, March 28, 2011

Cotton Candy Surprise

So my favorite thing in the whole wide world is cotton candy. I love everything about the sugary goodness like looks like a pink fluffy cloud. It reminds me so much of my own childhood and all the good times we had at the carnivals and circuses eating cotton candy. I recently went to a couple of parties where they had cotton candy displayed on the tables and just knew I had to make a special out fit for all the cotton candy themed parties. Cotton Candy has been around for many many years and I hope my new cotton candy design will be around for just as long. My two other tutus that are pictured are my new scrap tutus which are fun and will add a special touch to any shabby chic princess for her birthday.

crochet leg warmers and crochet wrist cuffs with flowers by The Crochet Cabinet 

photos by Songdog photography  

Spring is in the air! photos by Songdog Photography

Abby's TuTu Factory all new spring tutus are definitely one of a kind. My most popular criss cross tutus in my Fashionating collection are beautifully adorned with  handmade flowers in the most brilliant colors of spring.

 The most adorable crochet flower hat and headbeands with the stem like leg warmers were creatively hand crafted by my own sister-in-law at The Crochet Cabinet. Visit her Facebook page at and add her fan page to your list.

The beautiful photography is brought to you by Songdog Photography, a sister group locate right outside of Woodward, OK. These two girls worked so hard to bring my tutus and Savannah's crochet creations to life all the while making sure our little models have a great time. Check out their work on facebook or their website

Friday, March 18, 2011

Dear Customers,

I am writing to you because I will be opening Abby's TuTu Factory back up for business very soon and there are a few things I would like to discuss with all you. First off, I will no longer be taking emails for custom orders. Now the tutus and dresses I already have available have areas on my website where you can customize the tutu or dress in different colors or sizes. Here is how to get there on my website:

Customize Your TuTu
Click on Shop-->Click on Design Your Own TuTu-->Choose Length of TuTu--->Start Customizing

Customize a TuTu Dress
Click on Shop-->Click on TuTu Dress photo-->Click on Design Your Own-->Pick Your Favorite Dress-->Choose Colors-->Take all measurements-->Add any special instructions-->hit send

Customize Criss Cross TuTus
Click on Shop-->Click on CrissCross TuTu photo-->Click on Design You Own-->Pick your favorite TuTu-->Choose colors-->Take all Measurements-->Add any special instructions-->hit send

Secondly, I am needing you to be patient with me. I am a one woman show who has a family and expecting a new baby in July. There will be times where I will have a sick kid and will have to put orders on hold but I will give you notice and if you will need a refund, I will completely understand but I will do my best to get all orders out in a timely manner. My family always comes first no matter how much I love my job. Since I am expecting my third child in July, I will be taking time off for my maternity leave. I am hoping that I can work as long as I possible but if there comes a time where I am needing to quit sooner than expected, I will be forced to refund all orders who I will not be able to finish. I am saying this now because I do not want to receive all the hate mail from angry moms who think it is more important to have a tutu than for me to take care of my family. Last summer, I received emails from moms, who basically were bullying me, because I was forced to refund orders I couldn't finish. Like I said before, the welfare of my family comes first and I have been debating on opening back up just because of these bully emails. Come next fall, I will have a new baby and I will be homeschooling my autistic son and juggling all my orders with Abby's Tutu Factory. I will have a lot on my plate and that is why I am begging for your patience. Cutting down on the constant emails will give me more hours to do orders and get them out faster. I will post the wait limit for orders so you will know how long it will be til you receive your order at your door step. Please do not bombard my email with wanting to know a constant daily updates on your order. I am only one person and if I am constantly answering emails I am not being able to make your order.

In conclusion, I really love what I do here at Abby's TuTu Factory and I will be making all new things for you to choose from. Hopefully there will be a day where I can hire all the help I need so Abby's TuTu Factory can keep growing and growing and I wont ever have to worry about putting orders on hold or refunding because of sick kids or a sick mommy. I am really excited to get started again and looking forward to the most amazing year ahead. Thank you all so much for your support and loyalty.


Friday, March 11, 2011

To Homeschool or Not to Homeschool? That is the question.....

I have the most wonderful and full of life son, Luke who has PDD which falls on the Autism Spectrum Disorder and homeschooling him would be the best for him. From all the research I have done says this is the best for children like Luke. Here is one source that I found talking about homeschooling autistic children-

A family who has an autistic child will realize quickly that the public school system rarely benefits the autistic child. Some parents feel they have no other choice but to send their autistic child to public school and just hope for the best. However, the best is to simply homeschool your autistic child. There are so many reasons why you should do this, but the following three reasons are incredibly important and will allow you to see amazing progress in your child.
Minimize Distractions and Control Noise Level
Many autistic children are easily distracted and noise affects them tremendously. In a typical school setting there are many distractions and a large classroom is certainly not quite. As a result autistic children simply cannot make the most of their abilities in this climate. However, if the autistic child is homeschooled the parents are able to control the noise level, minimize distractions, and help their child succeed at their abilities and focus on their weaknesses.
The GFCF diet is recommended for children with an autistic spectrum disorder. Having your child in public school and following this diet is challenging and sometimes impossible. However, in a homeschool environment the parents can easily manage the diet and ensure their child is receiving the necessary nutrition. The GFCF diet as well as other nutritional interventions can really help an autistic individual to become higher functioning.
Autistic children benefit significantly through one on one social engagement where the other individual shares a similar interest. However, public schools do not encourage one on one socialization but rather socialization in large groups. This is not conducive to an autistic child and can actually create more problems. A family who home schoolsan autistic child is able to place the child in the necessary social situations that will benefit the child and help with socialization.
As you can see homeschooling your autistic child is in most situations the very best choice. It will require time, patience, and a lot of diligence. However, it is possible and wildly successful. More than likely you will see a huge change in your child quickly. Just remember one thing. If you are taking your child out of the public school system in favor of homeschooling you will need to give them some time, maybe even a month, the detox from the school system and learn their own learning style. You will need to provide books, educational movies, and the like, but your child will find ways to learn on his/her own and then you can follow their lead.

After reading this, it seems to be a no-brainer what my decision should be but I just keep fighting this decision. Am I going to be good enough or discipline enough to make sure Luke learns, improves and stay on track? Will the drop of income from not working hurt our family in today's economy? With the new baby on the way, will I have the time to dedicate to Luke to make sure he recieves the upmost education? I have so many questions that I wish I could answer. I know that if I make the decision to homeschool Luke that I am going to have to give him 200% of my dedication. I feel that this is the right decision to make because who knows my son more than I do but this is something I cannot fail at. Luke depends on me to make sure his life for the future will be fulfilled with all the skills he needs to go out into the world.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A small sneak peek.......more to come! My original Scrappy TuTu

I just couldnt wait anymore, I just had to share what I have been doing in my spare time while I wait on all my tulle to arrive. When you only have a little bit here and a little bit there to work with, you really have to use your imagination. I have had plenty of fabric scraps just lying around from previous projects but didnt have enough of one fabric to make a whole outfit. So what did I do, I took all my scraps, coordinated them together by colors and then added them to my tutus.
This is basically the same concept as doing a ribbon tutu but using all your scraps of leftover fabric. I dont like anything to go to waste at all LOL. Our upcoming photoshoot will have these two tutus worn along with matching head pieces. I am excited to see these tutus on my two little lovely models.

These tutus will be completely one of a kind since they are made of left over scraps there will be a very limited numbers of each tutu but keep a lookout for a variety of different styles and combinations. It will be first come first serve.

Very Shabby Chic

DropShipping is now available at Abby's TuTu Factory

Here at Abby's TuTu Factory we are going to start having dropshipping available to retailers who would love to carry Abby's originals without having to pay the huge overhead of stock and wholesale.

All retailers can go to my website at and fill out the drop shipping form. Once I have approved your site you will be emailed all the information to start drop shipping at your store.
Please only sumbit if you are serious. Thank you.

Drop Shipping Basics from

Drop Shipping Basics

How does drop shipping work?

Drop shipping is a retail method in which merchandise is shipped to the customer directly from the warehouse or supplier rather than from the retailer. When a product is sold, the retailer passes along the customers' order information to the wholesaler or supplier who then packages and ships the product. This process minimizes the risk to you, as a retailer, because you do not need to buy the product until it has sold. Suppliers take care of the warehousing, packaging, and shipping of products, saving you a great deal of money. 

How can drop shipping benefit you?

Drop shipping is not a 'get-rich-quick' scheme. As with any business, it takes dedication and hard work to be successful. However, there are distinct benefits to using drop shipping in your online retail business:
  • You can become a retailer without needing to invest large amounts of money.
  • You can start a business with very little risk.
  • You don't have to carry inventory or pay for inventory upfront—if the product doesn't sell, you never have to buy it.
  • You don't have to buy packaging materials and shipping labels, nor will you need a shipping account.
  • You purchase products at wholesale pricing and set your own retail prices.

Friday, March 4, 2011

What can you come up with? Kids Craft of the Day Contest

I am so obsessed with and the many many crafts that they have come up with not only for kids but for us moms too. Thumbing through all the crafts, I came across this wonderful craft that mom can get her kiddos involved with. I know my kids love drawing and they can do it for hours coming up with new animals and many other things that I have not quite figured out just what they are yet. Their imagination has endless possibilities so when I cam across this craft, I thought it would be perfect to see their drawings come to life. I keep all their drawing in a box and now with this craft, their drawings can sit right on their bed and can come to life each time they play with their creatures they came up with.

To bring a child's drawing to life, pin the cut-out drawing, facedown, to two pieces of fabric. Trace with a fabric pencil, leaving about 1/4 inch all around. Cut out. Sew on button eyes. Pin fabric again, right sides facing. Sew together, leaving an opening for batting. Stuff with batting, and then sew closed. Sew on other features, such as ears, limbs, and embellishments.

Read more at Stuffed Animals from Kids' Drawings - Martha Stewart Kids 

Contest Directions
So now I have come up with a contest idea and I think this one will be so much fun. Submit your Kid's drawings at Abby's TuTu Factory Facebook Fan page

Winner will be chosen by my very own son and daughter, Luke and Abby. The grand prize winner will recieve his/her drawing brought to life, in pillow size, made by me at Abby's TuTu Factory and mailed back to him/her for a lifetime of imagination.

Submit your children's drawings from March 4th to March 25th with his/her name and age

Can't Wait to see what all the kids come up with!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Its a GIRL!

On Monday the 28th, we had a long awaited doctors appointment to get our 20 week ultra sound. It was the day we were finally going to find out if we were having a boy or girl. For the past few months we have been in an argument over a certain boy names, that I did not like, and he was bound and determined that he was going to win and it was going to be a boy. I kept telling him it would be so funny it it turned out to be a girl because this argument had turned out to be an everyday thing and we actually started calling the baby a him because we had been so consumed on who was going to win on a boys name.
Well needless to say to ultra sound said we were having a GIRL! It was quite funny the look on his face because you can just see his fantasy slowly disappearing on his face and my son Luke didn't help matters yelling out "I wanted it to be a BOY!" with such a pouty look on his face. After the initial shock wore off he realized that this little girl will have him wrapped around her little finger and how much little girls love their daddies.

My feeling on having a girl, well you can just guess how I would react LOL. I am already planning all the fun baby tutu and the fun frilly things soon to come. I have been sitting here at my desk googling away at fun nursery ideas and day dreaming at some of the wonderful ideas I have come across.

This cute frame idea I have done for Abby's room and it is such a great way to display and keepsake your favorite little girls outfits.

I love love love this whimsical tree with the added flowers to give this tree a 3D effect. It is so beautiful and simple.

The glitz and glamour of this room just takes my breath away. I can just see my little girl growning up to be such a diva with a room like this. It is perfection and timeless.

As I searched more and more I came across this room. I just know if I was a little girl I would be in blissful heaven everytime I went to bed. This room has gone beyond dreaming and made any little girls fantasy of living like a princess a realty. Absolutely BEATIFUL