Saturday, June 30, 2012

Harlynn's Newborn session

Such a precious wee one!

I don't know any baby or {anybody} for that matter, who has a sweeter wardrobe than this child.
I was personally jealous of her shoe collection LOL.
I can just see it now,
Ella and Harlynn digging through each others wardrobe every weekend planning each school day out.

Harlynn was such a joy to photograph, 
she slept so well and gave me plenty of time to practice newborn poses. 
Thank goodness she was such a good baby because this newborn stuff is a lot harder than it appears. 
I still need a lot more practice!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Bringing Little Harlynn into this world

Being a part of something so wonderful and beautiful has made my heart burst at the seems with light and love.
I have given birth to three children
but being there for someone else is a whole different feeling all together. You see God's work from a whole different perspective.
I have tried to sit here and think of the right words for everything I felt and experienced but there are no words.
It was just Amazing!
Savannah did such a wonderful job and Matt was a great coach supporting her through each contraction and push.

The story starts early early Thursday morning April 19th with a phone call from my mom saying that they think Savannah's water broke.
In a panic, I wake the kids and tell them the exciting news, we grab our things, my equipment and jump in the car, praying I didn't forget anything or {anyone}. Believe me when I say,I think this was the fastest we have ever packed and loaded in the car. It was literately all a blur. We are now head off for a 2 HOUR drive to Oklahoma City.
When we finally arrive, we meet Savannah and Matt at the hospital, it is now about 10:30 am. The air is very anxious and exciting. There is going to a brand new baby coming into the world any minute now.

Harlynn FINALLY makes her appearance at 5:44 pm on April 19th.
She weighed in at 7lbs even and was 20 inches long.

The moment we arrive!
Savannah has not received her epidural yet and is having one HUGE contraction.

Having a "Tim Tebow" moment
Feeling Fantastic!

It is TIME!